Casey Casey

Casey Casey is a French house founded in 2008 by gareth casey ////////////////// he is the ferociously independent architect & creative energy behind the label, an autodidact playful “maker of things” who follows his own instincts & path creatively, working to his own rhythm, rhyme & reason ///////////////// his goal?///////// ////////////// transforming the everyday into an object that nourishes the soul and awakens the senses /// making something precious because it resonates ////// we strive for beauty in the everyday /////// we work from our Parisian atelier-workshop where we craft our pieces, always aiming to make them with technicity, artistry & panache //////////////// these past years, casey casey has deliberately worked under the radar, taking our time to hone our craft & happy to build a loyal following who have bought into our work & values /////// it is only now we feel the desire & need to present ourselves and to broaden our horizons ////////// so If you are just discovering us /////// then hello!