Casey Casey

casey casey is the egotistical work in progress flowing from the labours of Gareth CASEY //////// clothes imagined and fashioned to enrobe him // him as a man // for the female in him or the endless blend of the two // both & other ///////////////////////// gareth the worker / the builder / the activist / the sleeper / the show-off / the tradesman / the advocate / the career / the dancer / the lover / the devil & fallen angel

Casey casey is also a collaboration // a group effort // our work ? ///////// clothes that accompany you on your daily adventures and life’s journey /////// cloths in which to work / play / sleep / dance and wander // (remember it’s your actions that make you who you are) /////////////////// a dress, to dress to address the day before us //////////// clothes that enrobe our stories /// clothes in which to live your good life / a creative full life, however pained and strained /// a life clothed in simplicity /////////////////////////////////////////////// a covering of comfort /// a veil to seduce /// a costume to enact /// a modesty enrobed /// a playful jumbled box of clothes /// a piece to project /// a statement fashioned in cloth ////////////////////////////////// a uniform of one / a uniform for all ///// sculpting in volume, in cloth, with emotion, in dreams ///////////

what inspires us ?///////////////// “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” ////////////////// the beauty of aging / the patina of time / of use, wear & appropriation / the mistake / an error / a break ////////// “necessity is the mother of all invention” ////////////////////// a playful act // an action born of joy //////// “froth on the daydream” //// a feeling felt // a feeling expressed // a feeling dressed ////////// space in which to move // volume in which to inhabit ////////// the same but not the same // individual in likeness /////// the one-off of a group ////////////// the subjective and not the objective //// the inner life // the inner perspective /// the beauty in the utilitarian // the utilitarian made beautiful ///////////////// individual beauty / beauty derived from the constant use of something /////// the stain / the tear / the abrasion //// an emotional attachment to a garment that has borne witness to the trials and tribulations of a life lived ////////////// passed on & passed down ////////////

the act of making ?///////////////////// an ode to the art of making // the simple need to make & to fashion // to give shape or form // to construct // or create something from nothing /////////////////// an emotion expressed, an emotion materialized /////////////////////// “idle hands” doesn’t work for me //// artistry born of the honed mastered technique & intuitive imagination ////// a reverence, appreciation & respect for the materials used ///////////////////////// the pride in making something distinctive, personal, recognizable ///////// quality that flows from pride & love invested in one’s work & of attention to detail /////////////////// "form does not need to follow function, form can follow an emotion” !//////////////

casey casey ///// simply put is the fruit of our labour’s.

Casey Casey

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